In our office, a specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment is delivered ONLY when nervous system imbalance is present. We find it very important to determine when an adjustment is necessary and when it is NOT. When necessary, a specific adjustment is made to restore balance to the central nervous system. Following the adjustment, our practice members may undergo a short post-adjustment rest to give your body the best opportunity to adapt well to each visit.

It is NOT our goal to have to make an adjustment every time you visit our office. We want to see that your adjustments are holding and we celebrate the visits when you don’t need an adjustment. Our initial recommendations involve a minimum care plan to help get your health moving in a positive direction, OR, an ideal care plan to get you ready for a Health Maintenance or Health Development program. The choice is ALWAYS yours!

Although we are very conservative with our care, it is important to know that healing takes time and it is necessary to be patient with this process.