Welcome to our site!  We’re glad you are here. We pride ourselves on being different and this site will allow you to see why people in our community choose us over other offices.

It is not meant to be an over bearing electronic brochure for our practice. Our goal is not to entice you to make an appointment for a “FREE Exam” or anything like that. We simply want you to get to know us and give us an opportunity to help you. If what you read about us resonates with you, then you can give our office a call for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.

And by the way, in our office, a consultation is simply a casual conversation where we learn a little about you, and you learn a little about us. After all, we’re not the right office for everyone, so doesn’t it make sense to discover that before you begin a relationship with us? We think so, and hopefully – so do you.

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