In addition to Acupuncture, one of the modalities of Oriental Medicine is Herbal Medicine. Herbs are a nice compliment to your acupuncture treatments, and by utilizing both, you can speed your healing process. Chinese herbs are all parts of the plant, including flowers, stems, seeds, bark, leaves and roots. They also can be foods, minerals and shells. They are prescribed based on temperature, taste, where it acts in the body, and its principle action according to Chinese medical diagnosis. The herbs can also be looked at from a scientific perspective, such as whether its qualities are antibiotic, immune enhancing, laxative, analgesic, etc.

Chinese herbs are rarely taken individually. Formulas are constructed with anywhere from 2 to 20 different herbs, each having its own function. The herbs work synergistically to increase effectiveness. When prescribing herbs in granular/powder or whole raw form, the practitioner can customize the formula for each individual. For example, a formula might be prescribed for a complaint of shoulder pain. But, if you are experiencing insomnia and stress as well, the base formula would address the shoulder pain and be modified to address the other complaints as well.